Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

There are several ways. These may include increasing the spend of customers increasing sales figures or bring new clients.

Opens advertisers to a customer base that they may not have managed to aim through other avenues.

Here we explore two success stories in their core with customer acquisition.

The advertiser operates in the apparel and clothing marketplace.

They generate a considerable number of sales throughout publisher s.'s usage In a market

establishing a thought in addition to obtaining new customers is key to increasing sales. To be able to target customers, advertisers extending their reach to customers that they may not have had access to rely on their publisher foundation, and participate with a range of publisher types.

This advertiser saw an average of nearly 20 customers driven by publisher in 2010 and all publisher types could show figures with regards to customer delivery that was new – dispelling the myth that an advertisers are only attracted by publisher types customers.

A approach for this advertiser has seen them participate with customers while preserving relationships. This has allowed them to come in using a cost effective of new client acquisition throughout the channel.

The 2nd success story involving an advertiser that operates in the telecoms marketplace where new client acquisition is a crucial factor. They only pay commissions for new customers.

A successful publishers strategy has seen 47% of all sales delivered through publisher partners in 2009\/2010 attributed to new customers.

In a switchers market similar to this, publisher are a key component to drive new client acquisition. For instance, a well thought out cashback strategy might help increase marketplace share at the expense of competitors.

This has observed incentive sites play a key role in acquiring new customers. This highlights the importance of this publication type inside the mix using 22% of all new client sales being driven through incentive sites.

If new client acquisition is a key assess of success, it's crucial that your publisher strategy is oriented towards this.